Taiwan Kavalan Whisky shines in the 4th Riga Whisky Festival

The first participation of Taiwan Kavalan whiskies from King Car Group to the 4th “Riga Whisky Festival” cast a shadow over other participants on the last weekend of May. Taking a ride on the wave of Kavalan in the Festival, Taipei Mission in the Republic of Latvia successfully inked Taiwan as the kingdom of subtropical whisky in the world, adding another brand to the island nation of information technology.

More than 600 whisky fans packed the first event "cocktail party" on May 26th in the 4th "Riga Whisky Festival" at the Koya Restaurant. Alongside in the Festival with more than 40 different international whisky brands, King Car displayed 4 of its most popular whiskies , namely  Classic Single Malt, Concertmaster, Bourbon Oak, as well as Sherry Oak  to share with the guests. Posters showing Kavalan’s award-winning records were displayed on the tasting booth, which attracted a long queue of guests for Kavalan tasting. Taipei Mission added to the Kavalan Booth with a poster of the Taipei 101 Building, its spiral bamboo shape has a great resemblance to the bottles of Kavalan Classics. Many guests praised special subtropical fruit flavors of the Kavalan whiskies, making them stand out among many European brands at the Festival. Kavalan successfully represented Taiwan in the Party, setting an example of people-to-people diplomacy.

The “Whisky & Jazz Dinner with Kavalan” was another signature activity of the Festival, of which King Car was the exclusive sponsor. Only Kavalan Whiskies were available and all attending guests could have a taste of the excellent whiskies from Taiwan. Organizer of the Festival Mr. David Holahan said Kavalan had been known to him as a premium whisky brand for years, and he was honored to invite King Car to join the Festival jointly with the Taipei Mission. In his remarks, representative Wu introduced the aborigine people of Taiwan, which is the namesake of Kavalan Whisky, and pointed out that in addition to computers, Taiwan is also home to high-quality whiskies. The Festival ended on a good note as attendees enjoyed Kavalan Whisky in the company of live jazz music.

A scene from the cocktail party of the Riga Whisky Festival.

King Car brand ambassadors Emma Lin and Nico Liu introduce different types of Kavalan Whiskies to guests at the cocktail party.

Representative Wu and King Car brand ambassadors Emma Lin and Nico Liu at the cocktail party.

King Car brand ambassador Nico Liu introduces the Kavalan Whisky at the  “Whisky & Jazz Dinner with Kavalan” event.

Representative Wu makes remarks at the  “Whisky & Jazz Dinner with Kavalan” event.

Representative Wu, Mrs. Wu and King Car brand ambassadors Emma Lin and Nico Liu at the Kavalan Booth during the  “Whisky & Jazz Dinner with Kavalan” event.