2017 Youth Ambassador Exchange Program between Taipei and Riga

Under the framework of Youth Ambassador Exchange Program of the two sister cities Taipei and Riga, Ms. Baiba Paegle, from Riga Secondary School No. 84, participated in the two-week exchange program in Taipei late June this year. Subsequently, Ms. Chiang, Yung-yu, from Taipei Municipal Datong High School, visited Riga in mid-July. Both Youth Ambassadors cherish the opportunities of exchange and learning and promise to share their valuable experiences to their schoolmates respectively.

Ms. Chiang and Ms. Paegle were hosted by each other’s family and attended each other’s classes during the period of exchange program. Both called on Taipei Mission in the Republic of Latvia and Riga City Council respectively to express their gratitude for the support and coordination. Ms. Paegle said she was impressed with the urban cleanliness and tidiness of Taipei City albeit highly densely populated. Meanwhile, Ms. Chiang was amazed by the exquisite delicacy of architectures in Riga Old Town. On top of that, she was delighted with the opportunity to partake in the European Choir Games 2017 and meet many friends, which enrich her life experiences.

In addition to the Youth Ambassador Exchange Program, Taipei and Riga also conduct a wide range of cultural exchanges on a regular basis, which are conducive to further fostering and consolidating the amicable and mutually beneficial sisterhood between the two sister cities.

Ms. Chiang, Yung-yu from Taipei and Ms. Baiba Paegle from Riga