Representative Anne Hung gives remarks via video at the 2021 Chinese Taipei School (Kuala Lumpur) on-line Flag Raising Ceremony

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the flag raising ceremony was held in a hybrid way to prevent crowd gathering on the campus. The flag raising ceremony was attended by Chairman Eric Tu Shu Yao of the Board of Directors, Principal Y. F. Cheng and some teachers and administrative staff, while the students and most of the teachers watching the ceremony live at home. In her video speech, Representative Anne Hung thanked the school for holding this meaningful event and having the national flag raised in Malaysia on the first day of the new year despite the challenges caused by the pandemic. She also emphasized the strong bond between Taiwan and Malaysia in various fields such as trade, education, tourism and many more. Taiwan’s success in combating the pandemic not only won international acclaim but also reduced the impact to the local economy. Lastly, she hoped that the exchanges and collaborations between Taiwan and Malaysia will be further enhanced in the coming year. 

Representative Anne Hung of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia gives her video remarks at the Flag Raising Ceremony held by the Chinese Taipei School (Kuala Lumpur) to celebrate the new year of 2021.