Taiwan Newsletter 27/9/2017

Headline News


Allies speak up for Taiwan’s UN participation


Fifteen countries took the stage during the general debate of the UN General Assembly held from 19-25 September to voice their support for Taiwan's participation in the UN whether as a member or in an alternative capacity. Taiwan’s diplomatic allies pointed out that the UN preaches inclusivity and unity at the general assembly each year, but nevertheless has chosen to ignore Taiwan's 23 million people, depriving them of their right to be represented and to participate and contribute to the sustainable development goals (SDGs).


References were made to Taiwan's willingness and readiness to contribute to human welfare, saying that the attainment of the SDGs set by the UN requires the participation of the whole world. Moreover, Taiwan is eager to assist with its technological and economic abilities in a number of organizations and treaties, including the World Health Organization, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.


Taiwan donates to Mexico after earthquake


Taiwan will donate US$100,000 (NT$3 million) to Mexico for earthquake relief, which will be given in a spirit of international solidarity and humanitarian concern. The donation is to help the relief effort and provide funding for reconstruction of destroyed buildings and infrastructure. The donation demonstrates Taiwan’s concern for the residents of the disaster areas. Taiwan’s Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation is dispatching a volunteer medical team as well.

When more than 2,300 people died in the September 21, 1999, earthquake in Taiwan, Mexico sent a rescue team to help out, which Taiwan is still grateful for.


All trade with North Korea banned


Premier Lai Ching-te implements Article 5 of the Foreign Trade Act banning all trade with North Korea, Cabinet spokesman Hsu Kuo-yung said. North Korean missile tests threaten global security and global order, and as a member of the international community Taiwan complies with international action to impose sanctions against the country.


Taiwan, along with the rest of the international community, has called on North Korea to cease any action that may damage or threaten peace in the Asia-Pacific and comply with resolution 2375 passed by the UN Security Council earlier this month.


Economics & Culture


Taiwan seeks exchanges with renewable energy developers in Europe


In an effort to expand Taiwan’s renewable energy development, a team of experts, headed by Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Su Fong-chin, recently visited Europe to seek exchanges with a number of renowned European renewable energy developers.


In Belgium and the Netherlands, briefings took place on green energy development in Taiwan in recent years, including planned construction of a solar energy, wind power and a green energy-oriented science-based town in Shalun, Tainan.

Deputy Minister Su and his team also visited Park 20/20, an innovation and sustainable green energy technology park in the Netherlands.


The Taiwan delegation was warmly received by members of the Dutch think tank and local industry representatives, all of whom expressed a willingness to cooperate with Taiwan.


Miao-Hui temple & folk culture exhibition opened



The Miao Hui exhibition in Museumpark Orientalis, showcasing the beauty of Taiwan’s temple festivals and vibrant traditional religious culture, was opened with live music by Taiwanese musicians, spectacular fireworks, Tai Chi and lion dances on 21 September.


The official opening with the launch of a sky lantern by Ambassador Tom Chou of Taipei Representative Offfice in the Netherlands, Mayor Mark Slinkman of Berg en Dal and Director Erna van de Ven of Museumpark Orientalis, was attended by around 250 guests.


After the opening, the guests were invited to visit the exhibition to gain a deeper appreciation of temple culture through the use of an electronic fortune-telling device and virtual reality headsets while enjoying drinks and traditional Taiwanese snacks.


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