Taiwan Newsletter Issue 131

Headline News


Solidarity with people in Hong Kong



President Tsai Ing-wen expressed solidarity with all freedom loving people in Hong Kong and condemned the forceful action on peaceful protesters.


Thousands from all walks of life rallied in Taipei, demanding the withdrawal of the extradition bill instead of temporarily suspension.


“Hong Kong people have the right to seek their own democracy and freedom. We will always support those universal values and oppose any violation of human rights and freedom,” said Taiwan’s parliament in an approved resolution, urging the Hong Kong government to withdraw the controversial extradition bill.


1st Taiwan-EU digital economy dialogue



The first Taiwan-EU Dialogue on Digital Economy concluded June 5 in Brussels, with in-depth discussions on industrial digitalization, artificial intelligence, online platforms and data security.


Minister Chen Mei-ling of the National Development Council, heading the Taiwan delegation, said that the dialogue aimed to bolster the efforts of both sides to harness innovative tech solutions in addressing economic and social challenges. The EU is pushing a Digital Single Market strategy, while Taiwan is promoting its DIGI+ program focused on transforming Taiwan into a smart country, Chen said.


According to Roberto Viola, head of the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG Connect) at the European Commission, the digital economy strategies of Taiwan and the EU share strong similarities in terms of ideas and value. The meeting marks a new chapter in related cooperation, Viola added.


Int’l human rights group to hold first Asian congress in Taiwan


The Paris-based International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), consisting of 184 human rights organizations from 112 countries, announced to have selected Taiwan for its 40th congress that will take place this year Oct. 23 – 25.


Taiwan’s human rights, democracy records and democratic transformation have been an inspiration, but the determining factor for the FIDH to select Taiwan was actually the result of long-term advocacy efforts by Taiwanese civic groups including the Taiwan Association for Human Rights and the Taiwan Alliance to End the Death Penalty, said Secretary-General Debbie Stothard of FIDH, a non-partisan, non-profit apolitical organization established in 1922.



It would help if other countries speak out


I try my best to make clear to the Dutch government that it is time for action. It would help if other countries speak out against the Chinese oppression of democracy and universal freedoms, said Representative Chen Hsin Hsin in an interview entitled: “Chinese dream can turn into a nightmare” in Dutch national daily Trouw of 17 June. For full text:




Economy & Society


Google shifts hardware manufacturing from China to Taiwan


Google has relocated its U.S.-bound motherboard production to Taiwan. Production of its Nest devices, including thermostats, will also move out of China to Taiwan or Malaysia, according to a Bloomberg report.


The relocation is made amid the escalating trade conflict that will see Chinese exports to the U.S. hit with tariffs as high as 25 percent.


Also iPhone manufacturer Foxconn said on June 12 that it may pull iPhone production out of China.


Google has been expanding its presence in Taiwan over the past few years. In addition to a proposed data center, the largest of its kind in Asia, the company also announced plans to build a new headquarters in Taipei.