Complete Online Arrival Cards and Enjoy Immigration Efficiency

Starting from July 1st, the National Immigration Agency (NIA) will introduce Online Arrival Card for foreign visitors to ROC. This measure streamlines the immigration process for foreign visitors.

Immigration authorities around the world have used online arrival cards in place of traditional paper forms in recent years. For instance, the U.S. cancelled paper Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record. Following this border management trend, the NIA plans to implement Online Arrival Card next month (please refer to the following table for those who are qualified). Qualified users only need to offer their arrival information at NIA website before arriving in Taiwan, and paper Arrival Card will not be needed during the inspection process.

For further information, please visit the NIA website at or scan the QR Code.

The following foreign travelers are eligible to complete either paper Arrival Card or Online Arrival Card:

Foreigners Foreigner without R.O.C. Taiwan residence certificate or diplomat identification card
Mainland Chinese Multiple Entry & Exit Permit holder (Individual Travel)
Hong Kong and Macau Residents Holder of Single/Multiple Entry & Exit Permit
Nationals without Household Registration(NWOHR) NWOHR without R.O.C. Taiwan residence certificate