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2018 Asia-Pacific Youth Labor Trend Forum

The 2018 Asia-Pacific Youth Labor Trend Forum will take place at GIS Taipei Tech Convention Center from 2-4 December 2018. The Forum welcomes youth representatives from all over the world to join the discussions.


New technologies and technique, which has influenced labor market, has been widely discussed recently, such as multi-disciplined talent, social media, big data, and AI. The industry has gradually craved for talented personnel with related industries. It is foreseeable that the development of technology has brought the impact of the industry, human resource, and new competency development in the future labor market.


The Forum aims to provide the dialogue platform and build social network interaction. Youth representatives from different countries, experts and scholars from different fields are invited to discuss the issue over the topic of youth competency development, future jobs, new technology, youth and senior collaboration, and social enterprise. The youth can understand the current situation and trend of labor market before entering the society. The forum aims to provide the environment of digital innovation and cross-field diversified learning to help the youth enter the future labor market.


Please find below attachment or its official website for more information To sign up, please send the registration form to .

Registration Brochure for 2018 Asia-Pacific Youth Labor Trend Forum