South Taiwan Fun Pass, Travel with No Limits!

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Good news for the travelers! Start from Now – 31 December 2019, free and easy travelers with Philippines Passport who travel to Tainan and Kaohsiung will be entitled to redeem a value more than NT$ 499 for “Tainan Pass” or “ KPP Taiwan Pass”, while stocks last!

Taiwan Pass is a combination of local resources by Taiwan's counties and cities, recommending the local attractions, combined with the electronic ticket, packaged foods, accommodation, travel attraction, shopping and other travel platforms, with Taiwan's most recommended itinerary and limited products, to travel the city of Taiwan Island easily and in depth!

Tainan Pass (Tainan Amazing)

  • A limited-edition Tainan Pass (iPass)
  • Tainan City Bus 1 day Pass (24 hours unlimited access)
  • Choose two of four in Tainan historical sites ( Anping Fort, Old Tait & Co., Merchant House/ Anping Tree House, Chikan Tower, Eternal Golden Castle)
  • Chimei Museum tickets
  • Ten Drum Culture ticket
  • Chimei Happiness Factory ticket
  • Choose two out of fourteen Tainan souvenir

KPP Taiwan Pass

  • A limited-edition KPP Taiwan Pass (iPass)
  • Kaohsiung MRT two-day period (excluding light rail)
  • A Solar-powered Love Boat ticket
  • Dream Mall Ferris Wheel ticket
  • A Ki A Peng Sian traditional ice cream (Yam, Peanut, Mung bean, Red bean, Brown sugar konjac, Longan glutinous rice)
  • Tea Renaissance (Hamasen->bubble milk tea)
  • Badge (Available at The Pier-2 Art Centre Information Counter)

Requirements of redemption:

  1. Go to the designated tourism service center.
  2. Present your Philippines passport, round e-ticket photocopy (Depart from Philippines) and screenshot about our promotion from any online advertisement or our FB, IG and website.
  3. You may redeem a “Tainan Pass” or “KPP Taiwan Pass”!

The designated tourism service center

  • Tainan Pass: Tainan Railway Station (Address: No. 4, Sec. 2, Beimen Rd., East District, Tainan City, Tel: 06-2290082, Service Hour: 07:30~19:00)
  • KPP Taiwan Pass: Kaohsiung International Airport (Domestic Travel) (Address: No. 2, Zhongshan 4th Rd., Xiaogang District, Kaohsiung City, Tel: 07-8019206, Service Hour: 09:00-21:00)