Vacancy for Office Clerk

本處誠徵菲籍(或具菲國永久居留權)辦公室雇員,大學畢業,通曉中、英、菲語,熟稔中文電腦操作。本處辦公室位於41st Fl., Tower 1, RCBC Plaza, Makati City。有意者請於2019年11月25日前以電子郵件將中、英文簡歷(附照片)寄至。


Vacancy for Office Clerk


  1. Citizen of the Republic of the Philippines or permanent residence permit holder
  2. College/University graduate
  3. Fluency in English、Tagalog and Mandarin being required
  4. Proficiency in computer skills in Chinese version of Windows                   

The office is located at 41st Fl., Tower 1, RCBC Plaza, Makati City.

Please send CV both in Chinese and in English with a photo via email to by November 25, 2019.