2019 Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) : deadline for application extends to May 8, 2019!

The Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) and Children’s Chinese Competency Certification (CCCC) will be held in HANSHENG MANDARIN SPRAK CENTER (Ringvägen 58, Stockholm)on June 1, 2019. TOCFL has been held in Stockholm by Taipei Mission in Sweden since 2009. The TOCFL and CCCC are intended for those that wish to measure their Chinese proficiency and are available in both traditional and simplified character versions.

The levels and application fees for TOCFL and CCCC are as below:

  1. Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL)
Level Indicative Course Hours for non-Chinese-speaker Suitable Vocabulary Base Application fee
Band Novice 60-240 hours 300 250 SEK
Band A 240-720 hours 500-1000 300 SEK
Band B 720-1920 hours 2500-5000
Band C 1920-More than 3840 hours 8000

TOCFL Online Mock Test and downloadhttp://www.sc-top.org.tw/mocktest_e.php

  1. Children’s Chinese Competency Certification (CCCC)
Levels Suggested Learning Hours Suggested Vocabulary Base Application fee
Sprouting Around 150 hours Around 400 words 250SEK
Seedling Around 300 hours Around 700 words
Blossoming Around 450 hours Around 1,100 words

CCCC Mock Test and download: https://cccc.sc-top.org.tw/en/download.html

  • Application:
  1. Online application: https://tocfl.sc-top.org.tw/zoom/index.php
  2. Payment: All applications must accomplish both the online registration via  and payment of the application fee to the bank account of Education Division (SEB 5267-1058934) before May 8, Applicants need to remark his/her name when pays the fee.
  • Notification of Entry:

Notification of Entry will be sent to each test-taker via email in late May , 2019 and will include the date and venue of the test, the test-taker’s seat number, and other test-related information.

  • Transcript:

Transcript (or test score report for CCCC) will be sent 3-4 weeks after the test. Related information and the application form can be found at press release of the website:http://www.taiwanembassy.org/SE/

  • Certificate:

Applicants who pass the TOCFL will receive a certificate, which can serve as a Chinese proficiency credential for many occasions such as:

  1. Application for the Taiwan Scholarship (Degree Program), for which a certificate of Chinese-language proficiency must be submitted with the application;
  2. Application to academic programs at colleges or universities in Taiwan;
  3. Proof of language ability when pursuing employment;
  4. Providing an incentive to those students’ interest in learning Chinese.
  • Contact:

For further question, please contact to Taipei Mission in Sweden, Education Division.

E-mail: education@tmis.se

Tel: 08-328200