Study in Taiwan

1. Higher Education in Taiwan

There are more than 159 universities and institutions in Taiwan. Most of them accept foreign students. For those foreign students who can not manage Mandarin taught courses, there are also many graduates programs taught in English, or they can choose any language center to learn Mandarin first.

There are many popular fields which also have high academic standard, such as IMBA (International Business Administration and Management), Taiwan Studies, Computer Information Technology, Nanotechnology, Electrical Engineering, Application Agriculture and so on.

Both Taiwan government and universities are eager to create a friendly environment for non-citizen students and to enhance international competitiveness.More than 78,261  non-citizen students study in Taiwan in 2013.

3. Useful links:

l Study in Taiwan:Provides introduction of education in Taiwan, lists of universities and Mandarin study courses/language centers, programs taught in English and application procedures

l Ministry of Education of Taiwan (official website)

l Programs taught in English (studyintaiwan website)

l Information for foreigners (official website from National Immigration Agency)
Provides introduction about how to live, work, visit or study in Taiwan

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