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Mask Donation from Taiwan reaches Slovakia

Peter Osusky and Larry Tseng

Following the donation of 10 million face masks to seriously impacted countries, Taiwan continues to donate 7 million more face masks to 11 European countries, including the Slovak Republic, to help them cope with the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

On Monday, 20th April, 56 cartons of masks (200,000 pieces) have been delivered to the State Material Reserves ( stock SŠHR SR Čachtice ).

On behalf of Taiwan government,  Larry Tseng, the representative of Taiwan’s  Representative Office in Slovak, symbolically handed the donation to the representatives from Slovak Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, and  the Administration of State Material Reserves of the Slovak Republic. Hon. Peter Osusky, member of parliament and chairman of the Taiwan Friendship Group of the National Council also attended this event for witnessing the assistance from Taiwan.

The surgical masks will help the country address an ongoing shortage of personal protective equipment, and the donation demonstrating our spirit of consolidarity in combating the diseases, Tseng said. Hon. Peter Osusky,  the chairman of the  Taiwan Friendship Group, had conveyed his special thanks for the donation.

In response to the humanitarian assistance, Mr. Gabor Grendel, deputy speaker of Parliament and MP Peter Osusky both expressing their gratitude on FB  thanking Taiwan for its mask donation.  The Taiwanese people showed their friendship to Slovak citizens in this difficult time. The donations showed the two sides are "stronger together," when we are facing challenges.

For years, Taiwan has been excluded from the global health system. Although Taiwan initially fought alone and arduous battle to prevent the spread of the pandemic, its advance efforts and efficient response measure have earned the recognition. Taiwan is willing and able to provide assistance and engage in bilateral and multilateral endeavors to contain the disease.

Actions speak loud. Taiwan can help and Taiwan is helping. Taiwan would like to work and share the experience with the people and government of Slovakia to fight against the COVID-19, Tseng said.