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Dr Mark Chen, a former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan and the current chairman of the Prospect Foundation, visited the UK from the 19th-20th October, where he called upon a number of British officials and UK-based think tanks.

While meeting with members of the British-Taiwanese APPG, including Co-chair Nigel Evans and Lord Faulkner of Worcester, currently the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Taiwan, Dr Chen discussed the further development of UK-Taiwan relations.

Dr Chen also met with the UK’s new Representative to Taiwan, Catherine Nettleton, where views were exchanged on subjects ranging from Taiwan’s new southbound policy, cross-strait relations and Taiwan’s meaningful participation in international organisations.

In addition to these meetings, Dr Chen attended a seminar held by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) with experts specialising in East-Asian affairs, in which discussions were held regarding Taiwan’s international relations and the ongoing South China Sea disputes. During the seminar Dr Chen emphasized the importance of Taiwan’s voice amongst the nations of the South China Sea, as well as its continued international participation. To conclude the visit, Chen called on the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), before joining a seminar hosted by SOAS.