TRO hosts forum on Artificial Intelligence in London

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On 5 October, the TRO hosted a forum organised by the Science and Technology Division at its London office to explore a critical issue in artificial intelligence (AI): its basic laws. The forum’s discussions focused on the role of AI in the future of the human race, latest developments in the field and its ethical issues. The forum’s keynote speaker was Taiwanese Legislator Jason Y.J. Hsu, who recently initiated a new basic law in Taiwan to regulate the development of AI. The new law is expected to serve as a constitution for future developments in the sector and is currently undergoing careful adjustments. Guest speakers also included Umbo U Founder Pin-Ling Chang, Tg0 CPO Mr Mick Lin, and Hyper Reality Ltd Founder Yu-Jen Chen. The forum was led by TRO Science and Technology Director Professor Jiun-Huei Proty Wu and summarised by Representative Lin. Around 50 people attended the event, which was followed by a successful banquet where participants networked and exchanged ideas.