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Presidential Office issues statement on Hong Kong district council election results

On 25 November, Taiwan’s Presidential Office released a statement on the results of the Hong Kong district council elections, where voter turnout surpassed 70% for the first time in history and handed pan-democratic candidates an overwhelming majority of seats. PO Spokesperson Ting Yun-kung stated “the will of the people is unshakeable,” adding that this election showed the people of Hong Kong remain steadfast in their determination to pursue freedom and democracy: “The Office of the President expressed its utmost admiration and support.” Spokesperson Ting said that once again we urge Beijing and the Hong Kong government to accept the will of the people and fulfill their solemn commitment to Hong Kong’s freedom and democracy. “The only way to resolve the current contradictions and conflicts is to return to that path and conduct of sincere dialogue with the people,” the PO Spokesperson concluded.


The following day on 26 November, President Tsai Ing-wen tweeted her support, expressing hope that the election results will be respected and that Hong Kong will move forward on the path to democracy. Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu also commented, saying “I salute the courage and determination of Hong Kong citizens to pursue freedom and democracy. The people have spoken. It’s time for Beijing to listen.”