Taiwan Academy is delighted to invite you to attend the screening of 《Blue Moon》


Dear Friends,

Taiwan Academy is delighted to present  Summer 2017 Film Series —Classic Romance in 70’-90’

We cordially invite you to attend the screening of

Blue Moon

Director KO I-Chen

A “blue moon” refers to something that happens once in a lifetime or a second full moon in the same calendar month. Cuen-Shu and A-Gua, classmates who grew up together, both end up falling for Yi-Fang, a girl they met while playing softball. On a blue moon evening, the three protagonists head to the Blue Moon Cafe to untangle their love triangle. Facing a difficult choice and not knowing what she wants, how will Yi-Fang come to a decision?Blue Moon is headlined by fresh-faced actress Tarcy SU, who delivers a vivid portrayal of a city-dwelling woman’s yearning for love.

Thursday, July 27th, 6:30 pm  

at Taiwan Academy, B1 Screening Room

1 East 42nd Street, New York


 Complimentary Admission, RSVP required

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