The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Australia was set up in 1992 as the highest representative office of the Government of Taiwan, ROC in Australia. The Head Office of TECO is located in Canberra. The mission of TECO is to promote bilateral governmental, parliamentary, trade, investment, education, culture and science & technology exchanges and interactions, as well as to provide consular services between Taiwan and Australia.

The functions of each division of the Head Office of TECO in Canberra are as follows:

Public Affairs Division:

Maintains contact and communication with the Australian government, civic organisations, and offers such services as issuance of travel documents, entry permits, legalisation of documentations, and assistance to the Taiwanese expatriate community.

Education Division:

Facilitates Taiwan-Australia academic and cultural exchanges and renders assistance to students from Taiwan.

Economic Division:

Promotes two-way trade and investment activities between Taiwan and Australia.

Science & Technology Division:

Promotes science and technology exchanges and cooperation between Taiwan and Australia.

Three (3) Regional TECO Offices:

In addition to the Head Office of TECO in Canberra which promotes relations with the Australian Capital Territory and Western Australia, there are three regional TECOs in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to serve various states and territories of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Consular Jurisdiction areas of the TECO Head Office and the Three (3) Regional Offices:

The TECO Head Office in Canberra: ACT and Western Australia (WA)
The TECO in Sydney: New South Wales
The TECO in Melbourne: Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania
The TECO in Brisbane: Queensland and Northern Territory.

Consular affairs hours: 9 AM~5:00 PM (AEST),  Monday - Friday