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The Ministry of Education Taiwan has set up 44 Taiwan Studies projects, jointly working with 35 world-class universities in 16 countries and regions—Austria, Belgium, England, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, America, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, India, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam—spanning four continents: Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania.

These projects encompass fields in the disciplines of economics, history, politics, society, literature, Chinese language, arts, and film, and the projects could focus on implementing any or all of:  establishing Taiwan related academic programs; scholar exchanges; training scholars and researchers; writing and publishing Taiwan Studies materials; developing Taiwan Studies related book collections, and/or digital databases; and holding Taiwan Studies related academic exchange activities. The Ministry is also continuing to assist universities to establish long-term Taiwan Studies teaching and learning resources.




Taiwan Study Project



The Australian National University and the Ministry of Education Taiwan have been working together since 2010 on the Taiwan Studies Program, which offers students multiple perspectives on language, colonialism, the Cold War, religion, the transition from authoritarianism to democracy, social movements, cinema, literature, art, music, economic growth, and so on. The Program continues to forge closer and more concrete cooperation between Australia and Taiwan in terms of curricula, teaching, academic links, resource integration and academic exchange.


The Australian National University – Taiwan Studies



  1. Taiwan Studies Project Application Guidelines


Ministry of Education Taiwan Studies Project Application Guidelines


  1. Center for Chinese Study-Research Grant

In July 1989, the Center for Chinese studies implemented the Research Grant for Foreign Scholars in Chinese Studies program. More than 400 foreign scholars from over 40 countries have received financial assistance to come to Taiwan to pursue their research. The program welcomes applications from foreign scholars of the humanities and social sciences (including professors, associate professors, assistant professors and Ph.D. candidates) who wish to carry out research in Taiwan for periods between three months and one year.




Center for Chinese Study-Research Grant



  1. Ministry of Education - Short Term Research Awards

The Ministry of Education has formulated these directions to encourage international scholars (with the exception of those from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macao) to undertake short term research in Taiwan, in order to provide them with opportunities to increase their understanding of Taiwan’s culture and society, and to promote mutual understanding and interaction between Taiwan and the international community.




Directions Governing Ministry of Education Subsidies for Short Term Research Awards



  1. Ministry of Foreign Affair-Taiwan Fellowship

The Taiwan Fellowship is established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) to award foreign experts and scholars interested in researches related to Taiwan, cross-strait relations, mainland China, Asia-Pacific region and Chinese studies to conduct advanced research at universities or academic institutions in Taiwan.  The Taiwan Fellowship, echoing the APEC Scholarship Initiative, provides 12 Chinese Taipei APEC Fellowship openings per year exclusively for scholars and experts from developing APEC economies.




Ministry of Foreign Affair-Taiwan Fellowship