Representative Elliott Charng attended the Dragon Boat Festival event hosted by TACA

To celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, the Taiwanese Association of Canberra, Australia (TACA) hosted a lunch for the community, Taiwanese working holiday makers and the Australian friends on 17th of June in the CIW, Australian National University.

TACA prepared delicious rice dumplings, Taiwanese cuisine for the occasion, together with the wonderful entertainment programs brought by little kids attending TACA Mandarin Class and young Taiwanese musicians. Around two hundred people attended the joyful event and spent a very delightful afternoon.

Representative Charng made his remarks

中文學校幼兒班兒歌表演 (臺灣同鄉會提供照片)
Performance by students of TACA Mandarin Class (Photo: TACA)

Making DuanWu Sachet (Photo: TACA)

Performance by TACA musicians (Photo: TACA)