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About TECO


TECO Profile and Mission


The Government of the Republic of China (ROC) established the Far East Trade and Cultural Centre in Brunei Darussalam in 1978. In 1996, it was renamed the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office(TECO)in Brunei Darussalam.


TECO in Brunei Darussalam is the ROC’s representative office in Brunei. As such, TECO is responsible for maintaining and developing bilateral relations between Taiwan and Brunei. TECO is headed by Representative Andrew H.C. Lee with support from First Secretary Yu Shang and Jong-Yean Chang.


There are different aspects in the bilateral relationship between Taiwan and Brunei. First of all, TECO deals with political matters in relations between the ROC on Taiwan and Brunei, thus maintaining contact with Brunei’s executive branch, think tanks, scholars, experts and relevant organizations.


Second, it promotes relations between the ROC on Taiwan and Brunei through regular contacts with the Legislative Council of Brunei.


Third, TECO issues passports to ROC citizens and visas to people who wish to travel to Taiwan. It also provides document authentication services.


Fourth, it promotes better understanding between the ROC on Taiwan and Brunei by providing information about Taiwan, explaining the policies of the ROC government, and promoting media cooperation and exchanges between the two countries.


Fifth, TECO also promotes cultural exchange between the ROC on Taiwan and Brunei and provides educational and cultural information about the ROC on Taiwan, especially as it relates to study opportunities in Taiwan.


Last, it promotes economic and trade relations between the ROC on Taiwan and Brunei through contacts with the government and private sector in Brunei.