Economic Division

The Economic Division promotes economic, trade and investment relations between Taiwan and New Zealand through contact with the public and private sector in New Zealand. The division also collects and circulates information on trade and investment which is given to business people for their reference.

The Agreement between the Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu and New Zealand on Economic Cooperation, known as ANZTEC, entered into effect on 1 December 2013.

According to the first general review finalized in November 2015, the ANZTEC has delivered significant benefits to both economies, with New Zealand imports from Taiwan up 10% and New Zealand exports to Taiwan up 22%. The Review also concluded that the operation and implementation of the Agreement to date has been smooth and without issue. This is a testament to the commitment both sides have shown to making the ANZTEC a success. Taiwan and New Zealand have committed to ensuring the Agreement evolves and adapts to meet the requirements of a growing trade and economic relationship.

The following areas present more opportunity for collaboration between Taiwan and New Zealand.

These are

  1. Biotechnology industry;
  1. Food processing industry;
  1. Renewable energy;
  1. Medical devices and healthcare services;
  1. Digital contents and ICT innovation;
  1. Tourism, education, and creative cultural products;
  1. Exchange of young entrepreneurs.

This office welcomes the ideas and proposals on the abovementioned areas to further enhance economic relations between Taiwan and New Zealand.

Please visit the following websites for relevant information:

  1. For the economic development and current status of Taiwan economy, please visit the Ministry of Economic Affairs at
  2. For Taiwan’s national development projects, please visit the National Development Council at /
  3. For the trade administration, statistics and tariff schedules, please visit the Bureau of Foreign Trade at
  4. For investment information in Taiwan, please visit the Department of Investment Services at
  5. For trade with Taiwan, please visit the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) at