About Taipei Mission in Sweden


Brief History

1913  Sweden recognizes the Republic of China (ROC)

1916  The Republic of China establishes an envoy office in Sweden

1947  The Envoy Office is upgraded to an Embassy

1950  Sweden recognizes the People’s Republic of China, and the ROC closes its Embassy

1981  Taipei Trade, Tourism & Information Office is established in Sweden

1994  The office changes its name to Taipei Mission in Sweden

Function and Organization of Taipei Mission in Sweden

Taipei Mission in Sweden, located in Stockholm, is the representative office of the Republic of China (Taiwan). It is responsible for maintaining and promoting bilateral relations between Taiwan and Sweden. Current Representative of Taipei Mission in Sweden is Daniel T.C. Liao.

The office is divided into four units:

o The Political Division

o The Consular Division

o The Education Division

o The Economic Division