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The Culture Center of TECO in Chicago was established on April 15, 1989 in Westmont Village, equipped with computer room, language center, multiple-use auditorium, library and cooking classroom. The center cooperates with experts from overseas compatriots and their organizations to hold diversified activities, including festival celebration, annual meeting, exercise class, cooking class, Chinese-interface computer class, tax lecture, medicine lecture, law lecture etc. Most of all, we aim to promote the Taiwanese culture and further enhance our understanding and interaction with the American society.

Culture Center of TECO in Chicago provides various service for the overseas compatriots and in Midwest region of United States including Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. The total population of overseas compatriots in this area is about 220,000 and around 110,000 are living in the greater Chicago area, while others live in cities like Detroit, Ann Arbor, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Indianapolis, Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Milwaukee and Madison etc.


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Closed on Lunar New Year, October 10 (National Day), and all U.S. Federal Holidays.