Information and Requirements for Special Entry Permit (General Visa)

Important Notice

Please be informed that starting from 24 March 2020 (Tuesday), an appointment will be required if you would like to visit our consular services counter for applications. Please phone (020-7881-2650) us from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. during weekdays. You will be advised if an appointment is necessary, or you may send us your application by post.

The purpose of the aforementioned measure is to ensure social distancing and reduce risks associated with the current COVID-19 pandemic, while avoiding consular service interruption through the Taipei Representative Office (TRO).

COVID-19 Measures

Please visit Bureau of Consular Affairs for entry regulations: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) adjusts entry regulations for foreign nationals in response to worldwide efforts to resume economic activity and international exchanges following the COVID-19 outbreak.

Group Quarantine regulation for UK travellers

The pandemic continues to spread and a new coronavirus strain is detected in the UK; Starting from December 23, arrivals from the UK and travelers who have history of travel to the UK in the past 14 days are required to undergo quarantine at group quarantine facilities.

For detailed information, please visit Taiwan Centers of Disease Control.

Any inquiry, please contact

Student Visa (including studying Mandarin purpose)

According to Taiwan's Ministry of Education (MOE), student visas are currently only available to low-risk countries/regions and applicants must apply for student visas from their home countries/regions.

The United Kingdom (UK) is not a low-risk country, therefore the TRO cannot accept student visa applications at this moment. Please visit MOE for detailed information.

The TRO only accepts visa applications from:

  1. UK/EEA passport holders who reside in the UK
  2. Non-UK/EEA passport holders must provide a valid UK resident visa or resident card
  • Applicants who are not UK residents must apply for their visas at Overseas Missions of the ROC (Taiwan) in their country of residence.
  • Applicants who reside in Northern UK (including Durham, Cumbria, & Scotland) and the Isle of Man should apply for their visas at Taipei Representative Office in the UK, Edinburgh Office

Visa-Exempt Entry: (Currently suspended)

Citizens or nationals of the countries in the link below are currently eligible to travel to Taiwan under the Visa Exemption Program: Bureau of Consular Affairs - Visa-Exempt Entry

Landing Visa: (Currently suspended)

  1. Holders of Turkish passport with validity of more than six months.
  2. Holders of emergency or temporary passport with validity of more than six months for nationals of those countries (except for US) eligible for visa-exempt entry.

Please visit Bureau of Consular Affairs-Landing visa for detailed information.

Entry Permit for citizens from China, Hong Kong, and Macao:

Citizens from China, Hong Kong, and Macao must apply for an Entry Permit instead of a general visa to travel to Taiwan. For more information, please visit: 大陸港澳人士入台許可證申請辦法

ROC Travel Authorization Certificate for citizens of Southeast Asian countries: (Currently suspended)

Citizens of IndiaIndonesiaMyanmarVietnamCambodia and Laos can apply for the ROC Travel Authorization Certificate for short-term tourism/business purposes.

For more information, please visit: Online Application for ROC Travel Authorization Certificate

Types of visa:

  1. Visitor visa: duration of stay is 180 days or less 
  1. Resident visa: duration of stay is more than 180 days with an eligible purpose
  • Resident visas are single entry permits, applicants must apply for an Alien Resident Card (ARC) and a Re-entry Permit at a National Immigration Agency service centre within 30 days (including 14 days of self-isolation) of entering Taiwan.
  • When applying for a resident visa, a police certificate and a health check may be requested. Applicants will be notified if necessary.

How to submit your application:

Applicants may submit their visa applications 4 to 12 weeks prior to their scheduled arrival date.

  1. In person: during opening hours; no appointment needed (Currently suspended)
  • TRO opening hours: Monday to Friday, 0930am - 1230pm (last entry before 12pm)
  • Excluding bank holidays, Chinese New Year’s Day and ROC National Day (10th October)
  1. By a professional agent or a friend/family member: with agent’s original passport (Currently suspended)
  2. By post

Contact Information

Consular Division
Taipei Representative Office in the UK
50 Grosvenor Gardens

Tel: +44(0)20-7881 2650    Email:

Visa requirements:

1. Visa Application Form
  1. ONLINE APPLICATION FORM for General Visa Applications.
  2. Visa application form must be filled out online with applicant's full name, printed, signed and have a readable bar code on the first page.
2. Two Colour UK Passport Standard Size Photos Photos must be taken within the past 6 months on a plain white or light grey background and printed on photo paper.
3. Original Passport with One Photocopy
  1. Passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of submission and have more than one blank visa page.
  2. Applicants who renewed their passport within six months must also provide their previous passport.
  3. Passport will be kept in the TRO for review.
4. Original UK Resident Visa with One Photocopy For non-UK/EEA citizens: Original UK resident visa will be kept by TRO for review.
5. Flight Ticket Confirmation (or Reservation) Flight itinerary/reservation must include the applicant’s name and the dates of arrival and departure from Taiwan.
6. Proof of Financial Support

**Please prepare one photocopy for our records if the applicant requires the original bank statement.
  1. Bank statements must be issued within one month before the submission date, include transaction records from the last 3 months, and include applicants’ full name, or;
  2. Original scholarship certificate issued by the Ministry of Education/Foreign Affairs (only for the purpose of studying Mandarin courses and Fellowship)
7. Additional Supporting Documents
  1. Detailed Information for Supporting Documents
  2. If the health certificate is required for your Resident Visa application, please download below:
8. Payment Method:

  1. Please see below " Visa fee charge and processing time" for the amount you need to pay
  2. Please pay with bank transfer if you can.
  1. Information for Bank Transfer **NOT suitable for paying to Edinburgh Office
  2. Cash: for submission in person only (Currently suspended)
  3. Postal Order: available from UK post office
  4. Company Cheque: We do not accept personal cheques.   

The postal order/company cheque must be issued within 4 months and payable to TRO in the UK  (A cheque with an incorrect account name will not be accepted)

9. Collection
  1. In person with receipt during opening hours (Currently suspended)
  2. By post (UK address only)Applicant must provide a self-addressed and pre-paid return envelope.

The TRO reserves the right to request additional supporting documents, such as employment letter, school letter, police record or an interview etc., depending on the circumstances of each application after submission.

Visa fees and processing times:

The processing time starts from when the TRO receive all requirements as specified in "Visa requirements" table above.

The TRO does not guarantee the processing time; individual cases may require longer periods, depending on particular circumstances.

Our office is extremely busy at this moment due to high volume of visa applications. Please DO NOT contact the TRO to negotiate processing time.

Visa Type

Regular Service Express Service
Fee Processing Time Fee Processing Time
Visitor Visa Single Entry £38


For US citizen only

AT LEAST 14 Working days £57


For US citizen only

AT LEAST  10 Working days
Multiple Entry(currently suspended) £76 £114
Resident Visa Single Entry Only £50 £75

 Important information:

  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all requirements as specified above have been fulfilled. Applications made without sufficient supporting documents will result in delayed processing times or being denied a visa. Incomplete applications will be returned without processing. 
  • If Police Certificate is required for the visa application, applicants must enclose both Police Certificates which is issued by their origin country and by their current residence country (the UK). Both documents must be authenticated by our Taiwan Oversea Offices.
  • For British Police Certificate, the TRO only accepts the Police Certificate issued by the ACRO Criminal Records Office.
  • Mandarin course students who have been awarded scholarships for 6 months or more from the Ministry of Education / Foreign Affairs must apply for a resident visa. Currently suspended
  • Mandarin course students may submit their resident visa application to the Bureau of Consular Affairs in Taiwan after completing 4 months of study with another 3 months registration for continued study in Taiwan. For more information, please visit: Bureau of Consular Affairs - Visa for Mandarin Learning Purpose Currently suspended
  • Visa issuance is an act of sovereignty. The TRO has the right to withhold disclosure of further explanations regarding visa approval or declination in accordance with laws and international practices. Visa fee is non-refundable.
  • The TRO normally issues Single-Entry Visa. Should there be exceptional circumstances and needs for Multiple-Entry Visa, please submit supporting documents for further consideration, such as cover letter, travel plan, or flight itinerary for the next trip to Taiwan. For business reasons, please provide company statement with the dates of future visit, and a certificate proving business transactions with Taiwanese counterpartsCurrently suspended
  • The TRO does not accept responsibility for any service not provided by the TRO, such as those by the post office, delivery service providers, agents hired by the applicant etc.